Interesting article concerning the possible usage of Apple’s new flagship data centre and the setting up as a possible YouTube competitor.

My Take:

We already know FCP X is to be released in June, WWDC is also in June so we probably will be a lot wiser but I’m going to take a wild stab and suggest that the article is probably correct.  I am expecting Apple to release a HTML5 packager for DVD like menus in web based video in effect a replacement for DVD Studio Pro.  These packages will be able to be uploaded to the new web service and syndicated across the internet.  The quality of the service will warrant a hefty subscription for server space.  A bit like without the crapness.

A high quality offering that Apple can monetize can compete with YouTube.  YT is free but crap and offers nothing much beyond linear videos.  The next stage forward is interactive and non-linear videos in effect online DVDs that can be spread across the web like YT and also to Apple’s iPads and Apple TVs.

The article says this is for the consumer and pro-sumers but actually I can see a lot of professional uses for the service.