NAB has come early!

I must admit I thought that the rumours of the FS700 were a well crafted April Fools joke, 960fps! Well the Easter Egg was all over my face.

The FS700 looks like a worthy upgrade to the excellent and underrated FS100 adding features, let’s be honest, the FS100 should’ve had from the start. Ahem, ND filters! The unfortunate thing is the price of the FS700 about £6000+VAT no lens. That has just taken it out of my ballpark. Yes, I know it’s not a lot of money for a 4K (ready) camera but cameras are developing so fast that you really want to spend as little on them as possible. We are looking for another camera and the FS100 still represents the best price/performance available as the additional features of the FS700 are not worth the premium to us. Our view is a camera’s life is about 1 year, buy it, use it, get another in a year’s time or a maximum 2 years. We try and keep as much overheads out of the business while continuing to invest in new equipment.

It was great to read Reduser and see them try a little too hard to rubbish this camera. I’m really happy for neurotic camera owning assholes of the world to have a spiritual home there.

It looks like Sony are seeing the FS line of cameras as more than just a flash in the pan and this will mean a greater choice of lenses as 3rd parties see the growing E mount market as an opportunity to bring great glass to the platform without the need for an adapter.

On the same day as the FS700 announcement Sony released details of a 1/3″ 422 50 Mbps camcorder. This would’ve been great 2 years ago but looks decidedly a me too product to compete with the Canon 50 Mbps cameras. Once your clients get used to the large sensor aesthetic they’ll never go back. Yes, I know it’s for news but still…

I wonder what other surprises NAB holds.