FCPX can only be days away from release so I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts.

There has been much FUD spread on Twitter during the last week, you know, the Lemmings were worried what Larry Jordan said two months ago, the sky fell in etc.  Another tweet caught my eye, it was a complaint that 32 bit Plugins would have to be purchased again to work in FCPX.  Yeah?  Well of course 32 bit plugins aren’t going to work in a 64 bit application and even if they did why would you want them to?  What we all want are the plugin developers to recode their plugins for all the nice new technology FCPX is based on like OpenCL, GCD, oodles of memory etc. etc.  Who wouldn’t want real time Colourista III, Sapphire Plugins and Conduit?  I mean, who wouldn’t?  Personally I’d love Conduit 3D to find its way into Motion/FCPX in a few short months then I could put Shake to bed and roll out “Phenomenon” for real.

My wish is that there is an excellent SDK available at launch or soon after and that developers see FCPX as an excellent business opportunity especially as the new low price is sure to attract many more users to the Pro level software.  It’s good for all of us that so many new users could be attracted making it a vibrant platform to develop for.

Much has been made of the fact FCPX will be version 1.0 software but with a vibrant 3rd party plugin developer community working in parallel to Apple to bring features and functionality to FCPX will make it the fully featured all round application we all desire sooner rather than later.